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15. The Magic Number

15 is the maximum number of weddings I take on a year. My approach to business is different in that I pour love into each couple that I am blessed enough to work with and I will continue to make that a priority in my business. Limiting myself to 15 weddings allows me to give each client the best Stacy Kokes Photography experience I can give.

The First Look. Good idea? Bad idea? Read my two cents on the first look phenomenon on my blog HERE.

The First Look

Tackling The Closet

'What should I wear?!' It's the question I get asked by just about every client. I don't want to throw you into an anxiety attack, but I have to be honest: Attire is a HUGE part of the shoot. What you wear sets the tone for the shoot so I always suggest figuring out what 'vibe' you want to go for. Pinterest is an awesome resource to browse and get inspired. Pay attention to what things catch your eye and then make it your own. Above all, have fun with it. A photo session is a GREAT time to try something new. Go bold. Throw in some color. Add accessories. Rock that dress that you would never wear anywhere else. This is YOUR time to shine baby!

All Natural

I am a natural light photographer, meaning that we utilize the gorgeous light that God has given us to produce the images I do. Because of this, I highly recommend consulting me when creating your wedding day timeline to best utilize the outdoor lighting we're given.